We All Need Deliverance – Get Rid Of Strongholds

Deliverance is a process we can look to helping us deal with any issues from our past or present. God is the answer to all things and we should use deliverance to help us in our walk.

“The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.”
– Psalm 34:17

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult lessons to learn is this: we can’t stand alone. No matter how strong we think we are, there will always come a time when we must either reach out, or be swept away by the chaos of life. And the reason that this truth can be so hard to accept is simply because of our pride. We don’t want to believe that we are dependent upon anyone for anything; so instead of calling out to God for help, we choose to suffer silently. But this is not the way we were meant to live. We need the deliverance of God.

So what, exactly is deliverance? Deliverance can be defined as the act of rescuing someone from a certain danger. And this danger doesn’t always have to be a physical threat; it can be mental, emotional, or spiritual. In life, we are bound to face a variety of trials and hardships, each testing our faith in a different way. Often, these trials can seem overwhelming. It can almost seem like too much for us to bear. That’s when we must look beyond ourselves for the answers and put our trust in a God who saves.

Thankfully, we can take comfort in the words of Romans 10:13: “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Many people see God as some distant, detached being who doesn’t care about anything that happens on earth; but this warped perception could not be further from the truth. The truth is that we serve a God who cares for us, loves us, and desires a personal relationship with us. He doesn’t want us to suffer, and he certainly doesn’t want us to suffer alone. He wants us to come to Him, with all our burdens, so that He can give us rest.

When we are in need of deliverance, all that we have to do is simply ask. There is no special payment or penance to complete; in fact, there is nothing we could ever do to earn the love of God. It is grace and grace alone that allows us to come to Him, through His Son Jesus Christ. Because in the end, every blessing we enjoy and every prayer that is answered is meant to point us to the glory of eternity. We must always remember that this life is temporary; while Jesus is certainly willing to deliver us from our earthly troubles, He is even more willing to deliver us from eternal punishment. God’s will for our lives goes far beyond satisfaction in this life, although joy comes naturally as we learn to serve Him. God’s will always has been and always will be this: salvation from sin and death. And so as we call out for deliverance from our trials, let us always be grateful for the greatest gift of all time – eternal life.



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